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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Post Construction Cleaning


Orange County, NY ​& Sullivan County

To keep your project on track and on time, you need to have post construction cleaning that’s effective and quick. It’s all the dirty work that you don’t want to do but it is necessary. Luckily for you, America’s Cleaning Service offers you just the kind of help you need for post construction cleaning so you can forget about the dirty work and get more time to think about your next project.

Post Construction Cleaning and Post Renovation Cleaning with America’s Cleaning Service

Just going through with a renovation or construction project is difficult enough as it is. After so much time spent amidst all the chaos trying to make sense of everything, through all the dust and dirt, your project finally comes to completion. The sad thing is that all the hard work gone into the work is lost under the post construction rubble. You cannot see the fruits of your labor through all of it. Where can you start with the post construction cleaning is always one question that is almost impossible to answer. With all of the upheaval and chaos of the whole construction process, we think that you’ve put yourself through quite enough already. It’s time to call on America’s Cleaning Service LLC. We’re the company that will make all of the post construction debris go away.

The Orange County New York’s America’s Cleaning Service has the post construction cleaning crew that’s geared to do this job for you and they can make it look so easy. The crew consists of experts that will handle different aspects of the whole post construction cleaning process and they provide services like

Vacuuming and dusting every surface from the ceiling to the floors.
Cleaning all hardware, moldings, tops of doors, door knobs, appliances, and lighting fixtures.
Dust removal from ceilings, blinds, vents, air ducts, counters and cabinets.
Disinfection of the bathrooms and kitchens.
Window cleaning from window frames to window sills.
Cleaning of desks and cabinets.

The Mess You’re Seeing Today will be as Good as Gone Tomorrow

America’s Cleaning Service’s service of post construction cleaning is not like a maid coming in and just vacuuming everything. The team of experts that America’s Cleaning Service employs comes in using the best equipment out there. You’d never find a maid literally climbing up the walls and using HEPA filter vacuums. Even better, everything that’s been subjected to the post construction or post renovation dust is going to be cleaned up and be restored back to its pristine condition. There’s no nook or cranny that the handpicked experts will leave abandoned during post construction cleaning.

Remember how your home used to look before the renovation? Well, the experts at America’s Cleaning Service will clean up everything and bring it back to its previous condition if not better. Vents are something nobody wants to clean due to the logistic issues involved. Not a problem for the experts at America’s Cleaning Service. They will bring out the Q-tips and make sure every bit of the ventilation is dust free after the chaotic construction or renovation project.

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact the Orange County, New York’s America’s Cleaning Service and allow our experts to provide you with that much needed relief that comes with the post construction cleaning making your hard work so clean that you can see your reflection in it!

​​Post Construction Clean Ups in Orange County NY.

Service Area Includes:

Post Construction Cleaning Orange County, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Bellvale, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Blooming Grove, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Campbell Hall, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Central Valley, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Chester, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Cornwall, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Cornwall on Hudson, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Florida, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Goshen, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Greenwood Lake, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Harriman, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Wallkill, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Highland Mills, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Middletown, NY 

Post Construction Cleaning Monroe, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Montgomery, NY

Post Construction Cleaning New Hampton, NY

Post Construction Cleaning New Milford, NY

Post Construction Cleaning New Windsor, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Sugar Loaf, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Tuxedo, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Woodbury, NY

Post Construction Cleaning Tuxedo Park, NY

Post Construction Cleaning in Warwick, NY 

Post Construction Cleaning Washingtonville, NY

​Post Construction Newburgh, NY​

Office Cleaning Services in Orange County NY

Cleaning Service in Orange County NY