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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Services in Orange County NY

Janitorial Service in Sullivan County NY, Janitorial Service, Janitorial Services in Sullivan County NY

What’s happening inside a dirty office environment?

Companies mostly avoid hiring janitorial services to avoid costs and they would rather spare the dirty corners and spend money on other pursuits. And that is the right way to go?


You are merely saving money in the short term when in fact you could be setting your office up for disaster in the long-term. If pollution builds up inside the office in the long-term, you would be bound to spend a higher amount of money to clean every nook and corner of the office. You should prioritize your budget taking into consideration the impact of having a dirty office environment. The money you save in the short term could easily be lost into extensive cleaning in the long run. Here’s what a dirty office environment poses risks for employees. 

A dirty office environment is a breeding ground for pests, insects, toxins, bacteria, pathogens and allergens. That means employees are exposed to pollutants throughout the day and taking in toxins into their system every day. Your employees’ health is at stake. They would be more prone to falling sick frequently. Sick leaves would become common. Their work will suffer. This means lower profits for you. Moreover, when the employees take sick leaves, their work may be delegated to someone else who might not be as skilled for the task; therefore, you would be getting low quality work. Imagine how this would impact the image of your company. When you are forced to hire temporary staff as substitutes for sick employees, you would be spending more time and money in training them, which could affect the rate of returns for the company. 
A polluted office environment would make employees feel bad about their company and work. They would start losing their motivation to come to work in a place that makes them so sick and fed up. The staff would feel undervalued if their company cannot give them a clean working space. Studies show that low staff morale is also associated with illnesses. When your staff is not happy with the working conditions, they would be less likely to put in the extra effort into work and leave as soon as possible. Spell this out: low staff morale = low standard of work! 
Staff members will not take any interest in their work. They would show no pride in the workplace that does not value them. And it’s not just the employees we are talking about here. There would be important clients and customers coming to the office. First impression is always the last impression. A filthy environment reflects badly on the company. It shows that the workers and managers don’t care a dime about the workplace and would simply find a better company. 

Thus, this shows that with a healthy workforce, satisfaction levels with work would be high. Productivity would improve. This also helps preserve your long-term assets and increase or maintain profits. 

How clean is your house really?

Who want to live in a dirty house? Who would want to come back to a dirty house after a tiring day when you just want peace? A clean environment plays an important role in keeping you happy and free of illnesses. A dirty house poses great dangers for your health and stability. For instance, an unclean kitchen – garbage, unwashed appliances and dirty cabinets – lead to bacterial growth and increase likelihood of infections. An unclean kitchen can easily cause contamination to spread to the rest of the household appliances and even infect food and drinks. 

Studies show that indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution. In fact the air quality inside the house is worse than outside air quality because you have appliances in the house that generate volatile organic compounds. Leakages, toxins, molds on walls and other pollutants tend to build up over time and make you susceptible to illnesses. Since your house is a confined space, the toxins remain inside the house. Indoor pollutant can have negative impacts on your health and wellbeing. They also tend to speed up your biological aging process. 

If furniture is not dusted, floors are not mopped curtains are left unclean and dark corners of the house are neglected, you could be setting yourself and other members of the house for various diseases and allergens, especially kids and old people who are more vulnerable to developing illnesses. The toxins present inside your house could aggravate present health conditions. If the house environment is neglected, you could be setting yourself up for respiratory disorders, skin diseases and other health conditions. 

Why hire Janitorial services

You want to hire janitorial services to keep your house and office as clean as they can possibly be and provide employees or household members with high quality breathing space. Do you lack the time to do all that? No problem. Leave it to America’s Cleaning Service for janitorial services in Sullivan County, NY. Our janitorial services are the best way to ensure that your office and home environment are up to mark. 

You should focus on the tasks that are most important to you to get through the day. Leave the cleaning job to us; consider it a worthy investment. With qualified staff, we are detail oriented and make sure that every nook and corner is cleaned. Put us in charge of your carpet cleaning, window cleaning and other cleaning tasks and you wouldn’t need to look back anymore. We have high-quality detergents to remove toxins and unpleasant odors and provide you with a hygienic environment. 

You would say that detergents also contain toxins. We have that covered as well. We use green products for janitorial service in Sullivan County, NY and elsewhere to ensure a safe, happier breathing space. 

We are among the few companies in America offering non-toxic cleaning services. Get your first 3 months 15 % off. Why wait now? Call (852)-554-5351. 


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