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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Cleaning Service in Orange County NY

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Why you should hire cleaning services

Janitorial services in Newburgh NY employ the appropriate equipment and detergents to clean your house from every nook and corner. No doubt, there are several places around offices and houses that remain neglected. Hiring cleaning services every few weeks can help keep your house and office in a spotless condition. Keeping the environment clean helps maintain your health and wellbeing. Also, you wouldn’t need to waste time on cleaning the big stuff yourself when you could just focus on the more demanding tasks and let cleaning services do what they do best.

In terms of office environment, employees need a clean, hygienic environment to deliver excellent work and generate high returns for your company. An unclean office gives employees the impression that the company does not care about them; thus, employees would feel demotivated and refrain from putting in extra effort into their work. 

Why hire America’s Cleaning Service LLC. 

America’s Cleaning Service provides you with a unique and safe cleaning experience. Washing or cleaning detergents contain toxins that pollute the environment and impose serious health risks. Obviously, when purchasing cleaning detergents we don’t really give a thought to how many toxins they contain. Washing detergents contain some of the most dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Now of course you shouldn’t get these products in contact with your skin because they are made for cleaning furniture and surfaces. However, there are safer alternatives to protect the environment and keep your house hygienic. 

The reason why you should limit the amount of toxic products you get and switch to green products is because the toxins get into your system. That could be either through inhalation, consumption of foods and drinks that are exposed to toxic materials OR when you come into contact with surfaces where the toxic materials have been used. Environmental toxins are notorious for lowering the body’s immunity system and increasing risk of cancer or tumors. 

Therefore, your health is the first priority when it comes to keeping the house or office clean. This is not just about keeping yourself healthy but keeping the environment clean and healthy for other people as well. Eliminating environmental toxins is a practical step to maintaining health and hygiene. Toxins cause irritation and inflammation on the skin and inside the body, which could initiate growth of cancer cells. You must have noticed that many cleaning products at the store have a label warning that they are hazardous to humans, pets, animals, and children or that they should be kept out of reach of children. Cutting down on toxins can have a significant role in improving our health. 

America’s Cleaning Service provides janitorial services that are catered to detoxifying your homes and offices so that you could enjoy toxin-free living. You may not be aware that there are no federation regulations for toxins in household products. There is no safety standard or testing mechanism for the ingredients used in household cleaning products. On average, your house contains around 60 toxins, to which you are exposed to every day. The ingredients in mainstream cleaning products are linked with respiratory and reproductive illnesses, hormonal imbalances, and neurotoxicity. 

Companies usually argue that a small amount of toxins is not harmful to health. However, the problem is that you would be exposed to those toxins regularly when the house or office needs to be cleaned. Some ingredients may cause an acute reaction, such as burns or headaches. With repeated exposure, there is a greater risk of contracting acute or chronic illnesses. It is impossible to get rid of environmental toxins completely. However, the key to a hygienic environment is to limit the amount of toxins that are emitted into the atmosphere. The toxins get stored in your body, increasing toxic burden and building up over time to trigger diseases. Pollution is not just out there in your food, water, air, or surrounding environment. It’s inside you too. 

It is impossible to avoid exposure to toxins altogether but you can limit your exposure. America’s Cleaning Service is a janitorial service in Newburgh, NY and is committed to keeping your homes and offices clean and protecting your health. Here’s how you can benefit from our green products:

People with low immunity system tend to fall sick easily and more frequently. No surprise right there. By limiting your exposure to toxins and using green products, you can feel much better than before, and minimize your risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses. You, your family – especially elderly people or children and your pet would be enjoying a safer environment to breathe in. 
Once you start using green products, you would notice that allergies and other symptoms, including headaches, irritation, rashes and sneezing start disappearing. .It’s worth switching to natural products instead of using products containing carcinogens, mutagens or neurotoxins. 
It’s a fact that the indoor environment contains more toxins than the outdoor environment. This is because your house or office has appliances that generate carbon. The household or office appliances and furniture are cleaned with products containing toxins. With green products, you are purifying the air for yourself and your family. Green products are made with sustainable industrial practices and biodegradable ingredients that are beneficial for the environment. 
Furthermore, when you are using green products, you wouldn’t need to use multiple products at once for results. Since green products are mostly multi-purpose, there would be no need to switch to between different products while cleaning. This also helps you save costs. Also, there would be no risk of stains on surfaces or fabric. 
Another benefit of using green products is that they last longer. The ingredients in commercial products don’t have long-lasting results. The toxins could ruin the texture of household items. With green products, you could ensure that your belongings last long. Furthermore, cleaning products usually have strong smells that tend to linger around the house or office. Green products smell more pleasant and last long. 

We are among the few companies in America offering non-toxic cleaning services. Get your first 3 months 15 % off. Why wait now? Call (852)-554-5351. 

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Cleaning Services in Orange County NY

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